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About Us 10000 Steps Australia

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Back in 2001 founders Kate Crosby and Jackie Preston had one focus: to inspire, encourage and motivate people to take more steps - ‘Walk with Attitude’ emerged! In 2004, they launched Walking with Attitude.com: A leading pedometer step tracking site specializing in range of interactive walking programs and themed challenges for individuals and workplaces.

They strongly believed that people needed more then ‘just another tracking site to log their steps’. There were, back then and still are today, many online tracking sites, but most seem to offer limited features. Walk with Attitude’s innovative approach to walking challenges is what set them apart.

Hot on the heels of Walking with Attitude’s success they then launched Australia’s now leading premium online pedometer store, Pedometers Australia.com. This online store not only catered for the online shopper but for workplace, school and communities bulk pedometer requirements.

After many years of planning, researching, developing and listening to feedback from many workplace coordinators and HR administrators - Walk with Attitude launched its suite of global workplace challenge websites:-




The team’s fusion of walking expertise, up-to-the-minute technology, workplace wellness knowledge and experience in corporate environments, has brought with it the creation of a groundbreaking, turnkey, self-administered workplace challenge.

We invite you to take a few minutes to explore 10000StepsAustralia.com and discover how any one of our on-demand packages will make your workplace challenge a walk in the park – not an uphill battle!

About Us 10000 Steps Australia