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Entering Steps Has Never Been Easier

Log Step & Activity Panel

We consider the step log panel the engine room for your workplace challenge. We’ve designed the interface for ease-of-use manual logging when using a traditional pedometer with an option to convert ‘other activities’ minutes such as cycling, group fitness classes  etc. to steps (if your coordinator has allowed it).

Those participants that are syncing their Fitbits or Garmins can instantly see their steps and activity feed in the Step Log Panel.

Participants with Connected Activity Trackers

Participants can quickly & easily link and sync one of the four supported connected devices which are Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone and Misfit Activity Trackers. No manual step logging required! When the challenge starts we will automatically feed their step /activity data to the 10,000 Steps Australia challenge throughout the day for the step challenge duration.

connected activity trackers

Traditional Pedometers & Android / Apple Smart Watches

You can use any device that counts daily steps for our 10,000 step challenges.

The most popular and affordable way to record daily steps is using pocket pedometers, like the G-Sensor or Yamax pocket pedometers. Pop it in your pocket, and off you go. Prefer to use a mobile App or Android / Apple Watch to count your daily steps, no worries. While these devices will not Sync with our challenge site, you’re welcome to use these devices to keep track of your daily step totals and add them manually.

GSensor 3D pocket peometer

Mobile Web App

On-the-go step logging for all employees – especially those without regular computer access.

Over 30% (and rising) of step logging and challenge interactions occur via a mobile device such as Smart Phones and Tablets.

The mobile 10,000 Steps Australia web app includes all the key challenge features; fast on-the -go step logging, real time Leaderboards, and instant step stats updates. Participants can even explore the latest checkpoint newsletter - all from the palm of their hands.

Showcasing mobile web app