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Nothing to hide... so much to boast about!

All the bells and whistles without the executive price tag, you'll find 10,000 Steps Australia is one of the most cost-effective and affordable online workplace step challenge available.

When preparing your budget proposal, typically you’ll find 'Wellness Programs' have a benchmark take up rate of 30% of your total workforce. Often this reaches 50% for activity based challenges like this one.

Our pricing packages reflect a modern workplace

In our experience around 9% of your workplace will already own a connected device like a Fitbit or Garmin activity tracker. Many others will have an Android or Apple watch that they can use to record their daily steps.


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Bring Your Own Device

Use your own activity tracker/pedometer

Cost Per Participant

AUD $ inc. GST

  • Auto sync for supported devices
  • 16 page Challenge Welcome Booklet
  • 24 / 7 Desktop & Mobile Access for length of challenge
  • Email & Phone support

No Hidden Fees

  • FREE connected activity tracker integration (Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit, Jawbone)
  • No freight cost to one location anywhere in the world
  • For our clients (outside of Australia), WE PAY customs and import tax
  • No set-up admin costs - Zero, Zilch, completely FREE
  • See told you, no surprise fees at all!

Need Pedometers?

We recommend:

Yamax EX-150 Pocket Pedometer - Step Only

AUD $ inc. GST

A hassle-free, accurate, 3D accelerometer STEP ONLY pocket pedometer.

Yamax EX-210 Pocket Pedometer with 7 day memory

AUD $ inc. GST

The Yamax EX-210 is a pocket pedometer with 7 day memory and a large screen for easy viewing. It uses 3D sensor technology offering high accuracy step counting. Functions: Steps, Time and 7 Day Memory.

If you would like to use either of these pedometers for your challenge, we can provide more information during your demo.

- The currency conversions shown on this page are only estimates. 
- Shipping and handling are provided to one central location.
- The minimum number of participants is 5 people (one team)
- Pedometers sold separately to 'Challenge Welcome Packs'

USA, CANADA, UK & NZ: Pedometer pricing shown in your currency includes any applicable VAT, GST, Customs & Taxes fees.