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Walking Works, thats a fact!

Right here, right now!

You’ll find all the best reasons to start walking.

Wear your pedometer, start logging your steps and you will soon become aware of how many steps you take from the moment you get up in the morning until lights out at night.

Just by increasing your daily steps you can:

  • lose weight
  • reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke
  • fend off diabetes by improving the body's ability to use insulin
  • walk away pain and stiffness from Arthritis
  • keep your bones strong, which prevents Osteoporosis
  • sleep a whole lot better
  • build strength and stamina
  • enhance your mental functions
  • counteract anger, depression, and anxiety.

You have so much to gain walking towards 10,000 steps a day and beyond. There's no better way to discover the health benefits of walking than sharing a virtual journey across the Top End of Australia.